VIDEO: “Reality Rehab” Webisode 3: The “Real” Housewife

On Monday, to celebrate the official publication of Reality Bites Back, I blogged the launch of Reality Rehab with Dr. Jenn, a book trailer and satirical web series spoofing — and then liberating — reality TV’s stock characters through media literacy therapy.

Monday also saw the debut of Webisode 1: The Desperate Bachelorette (see below), and yesterday we met “The Angry Black Woman” in Reality Rehab Webisode 2, also below.

Today, it’s time to reveal Reality Rehab Webisode 3: The “Real” Housewife. Although she doesn’t know what “homogeneous” means, she explains — while sipping copious martinis, naturally — that her friendships are actually much more supportive than it seems on Bravo, whose producers instructed her to focus her on-air conversations on “More brand names, less deep thought!” Her media literacy therapy includes a case study in Frankenbite editing–a must-see for every reality TV fan!

Four more Reality Rehab videos will roll out over the course of the next week, including The Slutty Bitch, The Top Model, The Douchebag Dude, and The Gangsta Guy.


Close to 700 people have watched the trailer in the first day and a half, and it was picked up by the Vancouver Sun and half a dozen other Canadian news outlets. Blog it, tweet it, share it on Facebook, Tumblr… let’s spread the laughs around:

Have you seen Allison Jones embody–and then completely break down–the racial typecasting of black women in shows like Flavor of Love, The Apprentice, and America’s Next Top Model? Check her out in Reality Rehab Webisode 2, “The Angry Black Woman” (and then blog it, tweet it, share it…):

And if you didn’t catch Colbert Report writer Cecilia Lederer star as the initially pathetic but ultimately empowered “Desperate Bachelorette” in Webisode 1, you’re totally missing out. (Much of her dialog was pulled from actual reality shows–check chapters one and eight of Reality Bites Back for proof!) Laugh as “The Desperate Bachelorette” gets deconstructed — then help her go viral!


Find photo galleries from the set, webisode credits, and bios for Whitney Meers (“The ‘Real’ Housewife”), Allison Jones (“The Angry Black Woman”), Cecilia Lederer (“The Desperate Bachelorette”) , and all the Reality Rehab cast members and production team at the main Reality Rehab site — where each of seven new Reality Rehab webisodes will appear as they go live. You can also subscribe to the YouTube channel for instant alerts to be the first to see the new videos.

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