Reality TV Mad Libs

Remember how much fun Mad Libs were as a kid? Just by replacing a few nouns, verbs and adjectives with silly or sexy words, we’d turn perfectly legitimate stories into delicious nonsense. If the original texts hadn’t been so mundane, our Mad Lib revisions wouldn’t have been nearly as funny.

With Reality TV Mad Libs, the humor works in the opposite direction. In dating, modeling, makeover and lifestyle series, ludicrous premises are presented as truth. Real people are edited into hyper-exaggerated caricatures of themselves.  Culturally corrosive stereotypes are presented as accurate. So, go ahead: Use these Mad Libs (or transcribe inflammatory excerpts from your favorite programs), and ask your friends, classmates or kids to swap out reality TV dialog with your own language. My guess is that your revisionist stories won’t be nearly as ridiculous as the televised originals.

Series-specific Reality TV Mad Libs are easy to make. Record a few episodes of your favorite show, and jot down the most drama-filled monologues, fights between participants, or narrator’s “This week on…” openers. Substitute some of the vocabulary with blanks, fill up a zine, and voila – you’ve got some great gag gifts for your TV-fan friends!

#1 The Thinking Is Like, Soooo Five Minutes Ago… MAD LIB

Name of woman you know, your noun is really strong for the fashion noun – for the die adjective, hard-core noun world… Name of someone you know, I admire your noun. I think you are so adjective. But one thing with that noun (same as the previous noun) is that it can verb people, and there’s a way to use that noun in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re maybe verb ending in “ing” other people or sounding adjective.”

Read the original reality TV monologue here

#2 June Cleaver’s Wet Dream MAD LIB

“I see the name of a male friend as the noun. The household item is verb ending in “ing” and the stuff’s verb ending in “ing” over and the plural noun are verb ending in “ing”, and I’m like, “exclamation!” All of a sudden… the noun opens, there’s male friend’s name. “Honey, I’m adjective!” And he verb ending in “s” up behind me, puts his plural body parts around me and gives me a noun, and at that noun everything’s adjective. You know? Just adjective.”

Read the original reality TV monologue here

Want to submit your own Reality TV Mad Libs to Here’s how:

  1. Record your favorite reality show
  2. Transcribe a particularly outrageous, regressive, offensive, or amusing monologue, outburst, argument, or conversation, making very sure that your transcript is word-for-word accurate.
  3. Remove key parts of speech.
  4. Title your ready-to-play Mad Lib, and submit it to us along with the original transcript on which it was based.