Princeton, NJ – 12/01/10

Project Brainwash lecture
19:00 - All Ages
Princeton University (map)
Princeton, NJ 08544
Other Info
Project Brainwash: Why Reality TV is Bad For Women...
(...and men, people of color, the economy, love, sex, and sheer common sense!)

See description here:

WHEN: Dec. 1, 7pm
WHERE: Princeton University, Robertson 001

Sponsored by the Program for the Study of Women & Gender and organized by Melissa Harris-Perry

4 Responses to “Princeton, NJ – 12/01/10”

  1.  AmyHope says: |

    OOOH, I am very very tempted to take time off work and come see you at the Princeton event… maybe I can convince my dad and uncle to shut the office down for a few hours and we can ALL come see you 🙂


  2.  Jennifer Pozner says: |

    Love the sentiment, Amy. Let’s wait on that before you decide. Right now, I’m speaking in Melissa Harris-Lacewell’s class, and we’re hoping to set up an all-campus event as well. But that larger event hasn’t been confirmed yet. When it is, and there’s a firm time for it, then we can figure out if you need to take time off or not. Besides, an all-campus event would usually be an evening thing — which would mean you wouldn’t have to ditch work (or maybe only leave a little early).

    Fair warning: I wouldn’t be able to hang out before/after the way I did at the other NJ school when you all came; at Princeton, I’ll be having meals with the students and faculty, and will likely be prepping during moments when I’m not with them. But I’ll just have seen you all at Thanksgiving anyway, so hopefully that’s OK…


  3.  DNMP says: |

    I would definitely be interested in coming to this event if it is open to the public. Please keep us posted on the possibility of your appearance becoming a campus wide event at Princeton.


  4.  Jennifer Thompson says: |

    My friend at work suggested I take a look at your site for some ideas, and she was so completely correct. I have really enjoyed the last few posts and look forward to reading even more new articles in the future. For now I’ll just keep myself content with going through the archives.


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