NEW VIDEOS: Reality Rehab with Dr. Jenn: Webisodes 5 & 6: The Slutty Bitch and The Douchebag Dude

Today, folks, we’ve got double-enrollment as The Slutty Bitch and The Douchebag Dude check in for intensive stock-character deprogramming via Reality Rehab with Dr. Jenn!

If you’ve been reading the blog recently (or media outlets from The Vancouver Sun to The Frisky), you know I launched a satirical book trailer and webisode series this week, Reality Rehab with Dr. Jenn, which spoofs — and then liberates — reality TV’s stock characters through media literacy therapy.

In Webisode 5: The Slutty Bitch (young feminist activist Shelby Knox) starts out sniping at her castmates, because she is most definitely “NOT HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS!!!” But reality show personalities can be deceiving, and eventually we learn exactly what production tricks happened behind the scenes to make her spit in a fellow contestant’s face–and why living in a reality show house “is like psy-ops!” (the kind of Psychological Operations often used as elements of psychological torture):

In Webisode 6, The Douchebag Dude (improv comedian Bob Kulhan) starts out as every bit the meathead jerk we’ve seen on VH1’s Tool Academy. But through media literacy therapy, he drops his douchey act, realizing that although MTV’s Jersey Shore boys are going to get rich off their GTL slogan, there’s more to him than just “gym, tan and laundry.” Now, his only problem is what to do with a cabinet full of unnecessary Cox Body Spray…


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What, you say you haven’t seen the previous webisodes? Well, then, as Veronica Arreola says, “you’re missing out on a world of funny.” Check out — and then share/tweet/blog about — the whole series:

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***And stay tuned for the final Webisode 7,  The Gangsta Guy, and the full-length (24 minutes) feature episode, both coming soon.

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