New in the readers gallery: L.A., Philly, Seattle

On Saturday, I introduced you to six people in the Reality Bites Back readers gallery: Andrew from Brooklyn, Veronica from Chicago, the interns of Reel Grrls in Seattle, and a very precocious (or, well, hungry) kid in Los Angeles.

Today, it’s time to meet four new members of our reading community:

Straight from the belly of the beast — Los Angeles, where reality TV stereotypes are carefully crafted — professor Melanie Klein snuggles up on her

couch with the book. Melanie will be teaching from Reality Bites Back this semester, along with many women’s studies, ethnic studies, communications/media studies, and humanities professors across the country. (Which I’m really excited about, by the way.) She is also helping to organize this event:

Melanie Klein reads Reality Bites Back

It seems Seattle-based Jerry Darcy was a bit confused by the book. First, he apparently thought some of the reality show anecdotes I described are so preposterous, they’d made more sense upside down:

Jerry Darcy, extremely confused

Then, he searched in vain for a Reality Bites Back centerfold pinup. (You’ll be looking for a long time, there, Tiger…):

Jerry Darcy, confused

When he finally started reading it right-side up, he was shocked, SHOCKED, by what he learned: Jerry Darcy can't believe his eyes. (And neither can we.)

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, Verna Darcy (Jerry’s mom) reads Reality Bites Back and wonders at how little has changed since her feminist awakening decades ago:

Verna Darcy

Reading Reality Bites Back brings families together! Joe Darcy, Jerry’s dad, engrossed in Philadelphia:

Joe Darcy

…I’m wondering if this look of palpable disgust means that Verna and Joe have gotten to the chapter describing the sh*t-filled mansion that women were made to clean in a housekeeping challenge in order to “win” a date with Flava Flav on Flavor of Love?

Joe and Verna Darcy 2

Come on, you know you want to join the Readers Gallery! Send a photo of yourself to info[at]wimnonline[dot]org, or upload a photo directly to the Facebook page for the book. (And while you’re at it, “Like” the FB page and talk about the book with fellow readers there.)

And, as always, I’d love to hear what you’re thinking about reality TV and representations of gender, race, class and more in pop culture, whether directly related to the book or not. Weigh in in the comments below.

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  1.  ElizabethP says: |

    I was hooked reading the introduction. As a society we never take into account the importance television has in our lives and how it shapes our beliefs as a whole. I can’t wait to continue reading and meeting you at the LA launch on Sunset Blvd.


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